Veggies and Ranch Dip Snack only $.40 Per Serving

My kids will eat just about anything that is dipped in Ranch. I found these goodies at the $.99 Only store this week. 



For only $.40 a serving, this snack is big on taste and nutrition!



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Whole Wheat Pasta With Meat Sauce Meal only $1.37 Per Serving

All of the items pictured here were purchased for $1 or less. I love when I can find whole grain whole wheat pasta for $1.  Not only is it friendly to my pocketbook, but it's great for my family to eat.pastameal2

The only item that did not come from a dollar store are the cherry tomatoes. I already had those on hand and they are factored into $1.37 per serving price.


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My $.99 Store Shopping Trip Week of 6/23

These are pictures of my shopping trip this week at the $.99 Store. I am blessed to have lots of organic products and fresh fruits at this location and I always look forward to see what new products that I may find on my journey! My total was $150 and includes ingredients for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and dessert. Some item were less than $.99 such as the cucumber and bananas. The only item over $.99 was the 18ct. eggs which were $1.89. I really try to be true to purchasing items at $1 or less.Check back often as I show you what I fixed this week.


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