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Quick & Easy Dollar Store Guacamole

My local $.99 Store had avacados in stock this week so I decided to make guacamole!  This recipe was only $3 which includes 2 avacados and 1 seasoning packet.

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Dollar Store Blueberry Muffins


All of the items below were purchased at a dollar store.



I followed the recipe from the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook. My kids love these muffins and I bake up a few batches at a time. These can be frozen and taken out of the freezer as needed.  We eat them at breakfast, snack time, and on the go.

blueberry collage

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Veggies and Ranch Dip Snack only $.40 Per Serving

My kids will eat just about anything that is dipped in Ranch. I found these goodies at the $.99 Only store this week. 



For only $.40 a serving, this snack is big on taste and nutrition!



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