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Dollar Store Sloppy Joe Dinner only $.89 Per Serving


I stopped at the $.99 Only Store this week and picked up these items below. My kids LOVE Sloppy Joe’s and I love the price at the checkout stand. Total tab was a whopping $4.

sloppy joe supplies

Here’s the breakdown below.

  • Cantaloupe -$.25
  • Grilled Potatoes- $.25
  • Bun- $.08
  • Meat- $.25
  • Sauce- .17
  • Total- $.89

sloppy joe2



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Oven Roasted Ranch Red Potatoes

I found 3lb bags of red potatoes at a local dollar store this week and decided to toss them with Ranch and roast them in the oven. In this recipe only the potatoes were purchased from a dollar store.

Click on the title bar above to view the recipe.

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Fast Food Friday: Chili Cheese Turkey Dogs and Sweet Potato Fries

Feeding a family of 8 at a local fast food joint can easily run $100 for us. On Fridays our family fixes our favorite fast food items at home for a fraction of the price and so can you.  Below we made Chili Cheese Turkey Dogs & Sweet Potato Fries with watermelon on the side.  Here's another example of a dollar store meal that won't break the bank. Enjoy!


All items were purchased from a dollar store with the exception of the Hormel Chili that I purchased for $1 at a local grocery store. I already had cheese on hand and factored it into the overall price.




For $1.22 I was able to feed my family a meal that they like and I didn't break the bank. I always try to add fruit to the mix when we eat high calorie meals and this one was not exception. 



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Whole Wheat Pasta With Meat Sauce Meal only $1.37 Per Serving

All of the items pictured here were purchased for $1 or less. I love when I can find whole grain whole wheat pasta for $1.  Not only is it friendly to my pocketbook, but it's great for my family to eat.pastameal2

The only item that did not come from a dollar store are the cherry tomatoes. I already had those on hand and they are factored into $1.37 per serving price.


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